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Diana Halverson grew up in Verona and has been an animal lover her whole life.  Even though she lived in town, her dream was to become a farmer or veterinarian.  She was active in FFA and would take in any sick or injured animal and nurse them back to health.  She rode with Dr. Lemanski, the local large animal vet, and gained a lot of “hands-on” experience.  Diana pursued her interest in Veterinary Science in college.

In 1982 she had the opportunity to work at a small animal clinic in Madison.  Needless to say she loved the work, the patients, and clients.

Diana and her husband Steve have a dairy/beef farm.  They have 2 daughters that share their Mom’s passion for animals.  Her daughters have been raised knowing the reality of life and death.  They both have a beautiful faith that all of their loved animals are “made into angels” when they die.

Besides the cattle and 2 horses, Puck and Hoss, the Halverson’s share their home with Twinkie, a 90 pound Red Doberman and a born again barn cat, Vanilla.  Steve’s sidekick and gate keeper is Nipper, his Australian Cattle Dog.

Muir Field Pet Clinic Veterinary Veterinarian Madison Wisconsin
Muir Field Pet Clinic Veterinary Veterinarian Madison Wisconsin
Muir Field Pet Clinic Veterinary Veterinarian Madison Wisconsin

Doctor John Gustafson grew up surrounded by pets in Wausau, Wisconsin.  His interest was always to study veterinary medicine and practice it.  Dr. Gustafson did his Undergraduate and Master’s work at the University of Wisconsin before attending Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine.  He completed his DVM in 1985.  “Dr. Gus” practiced small animal medicine for several years before returning to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine to work on a PhD in the department of pathobiology.  His research was directed toward the study of Lyme disease in dogs and wild canids.  He completed his PhD in 1993.  After 2 years in post doctorate research studying prion induced diseases, he returned to small animal medical practice to work exclusively with dogs and cats.

Dr. Gustafson and his wife Chris live in rural southwest Wisconsin.  They have 3 dogs - Ellie Mae (Golden Retriever), Pattie (Goldendoodle), and Helga (Red Doberman).  They also have 2 cats - Mouse and Mike - adopted from the Halverson family farm.  A feral cat named Bucky surfaces now and then looking for a “quick” pet, some food, and a little love.

As the pet owner you must communicate your pet's health care needs to  your veterinarian. Nobody knows your pet like you.  Many signs of  illness are subtle. Your veterinarian will rely on your awareness of  small changes in your pet's behavior or habits.

Take the time to  choose the right veterinarian for your special pet.  It is a good idea  to start thinking about selecting a veterinarian before a new pet  becomes a member of your family. In fact, a veterinarian can assist you  in selecting a pet that complements your personality, work schedule and  home life.

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